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The Burning Bedroom

It’s hard to understand the psychology of individuals. We’re all different. Especially because some people may have the same conditions, but the deep-rooted reason for it is different. Why are people promiscuous? Why do people smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day? Why do people over-eat? Why are some people prone to drug and alcohol abuse? Continue reading

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Sleeping in Shame

My episodes of sadness and becoming introverted were partially brought on because I had a secret. I was ashamed. And, shame attempted to devour me. No one else knew of my secret except my immediate family—I wet the bed until … Continue reading

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When I was a Cave Bear: Reflections of my Childhood and Writing

As children, we understand a lot of things that we just can’t truly grasp how to express verbally. And, by the time we realize what we can express, it’s nothing but a metaphor in a story. Continue reading

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Writing as an Indie Artform

Over a decade ago, we turned-up our noses at the idea of independently publishing books. When many study writing and literature in college, they brainwashed to assume that if we shell out hundreds of bucks for (what was called then) vanity publishing–simply because the author … Continue reading

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Talking Race Relations in the Classroom: The Art of Being a “Practically White” Teacher

by Sumeeta Patnaik Talking about race is always a prickly issue in the classroom with students’ eager to assert their own politically correct views of race relations today. With the election three years ago of the nation’s first biracial president, Barack … Continue reading

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