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Do not mistake our dislike of a system created to suppress us as angry about life. Do not mistake our bluntness with words as being rude, it’s simply not sugar coated. Do not mistake a dashiki, an afro, or even a license to carry a concealed weapon as militant–we just want to be free. Continue reading

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Being Smart and Being Successful

There’s a time in our lives where we must take ownership of our success even if we are not where we truly want to be at the moment. But at that moment, I immediately realized that my success was based on proving other people wrong. Continue reading

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My Writing Process (or “Gods Mourn Too”)

In my head, and from a writer’s perspective, writers are Gods. We create and we destroy. We reward and we punish. And yet we, too, mourn. No one wants to punish or destroy their creations. We, writers, mourn. We, writers, grieve. Most often we emote privately because no one will understand why such grief, so it’s easier to do it in seclusion. Continue reading

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