A Night Out [I and II] (14/15 of 30)

Dance beats,
pour some rhythm
down my throat,
Intoxicate my mind
with forbidden melodies
that gyrate remedies
for my loneliness that never leaves
and I’m left thinking of you
and I loved you–
We masturbated with opposite hands
like monkeys to unbalance
our minds and bodies;
while mouths and hands attempted to please
but could not.
I was never right for you.

bring the morning,
the sun rays, the busy streets,
and a stranger for a one-night stand.
I run from the night,
so please carry me
like a bag of groceries
in an overstuffed plastic bag,
Suffocate me
in your home
because mine is so unpleasant
and life must begin somewhere else
other than here;
lull me to sleep
with a firm grip
and wake me
with headlights and a cabfare
when we are there.
I will remember nothing
but your name.


[This is #14 and #15 of 30 poems written by Stephen Earley Jordan II  for a National Poetry Writing Month (NaPoWriMo). The object is to write one poem per day.]

About Stephen Earley Jordan II

Author of "Beyond Bougie", "Cold, Black, and Hungry" and many other books. www.StephenEarleyJordan.com
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