Puerto Rico Relief Fund: Wish List

I returned stateside approximately 30 days ago from Puerto Rico. At that point, I endured both Hurricane Irma and Maria. During the month of September, I had electricity for approximately 4 days between both hurricanes. It was enough time to regain my senses, wash clothes, and prepare again for the next hurricane.

In My Hurricane Malady, a brief writeup about my experiences, I discuss my mental state at that point and my experiences during and after the hurricane.

I’m fortunate I was able to leave the island for 30 days. However, as Nov 1 approaches, I know that I will be returning to a home with no electricity and limited supplies. A strategic plan of mine simply to save money, I must return to the island and figure out my next steps.

For now though, I am happy that I was able to assist the island remotely. I raised $1600 via a GoFundMe Campaign and another $400 in donated items (food, meds, etc).

I’ve received messages from many people wanting to still donate directly to me and my team as we continue to do direct outreach to those in need. As a result, I’ve created this Amazon Wish List. Here, you will see items I know are important at the moment. As the days and weeks progress, there may be items taken off or added.


Puerto Rico Relief Fund AMAZON WISH LIST

Regardless, your generosity helps. I appreciate it. I am not sure if these items will arrive with your name on them as the sender. So please, if you have the option to add your name/note on the package before “check-out”, please do so, so that I know who to thank and how to email you.  Also, when you view the Wish List, please check purchased + unpurchased. Duplicate items are appropriate.


About Stephen Earley Jordan II

Author of "Beyond Bougie", "Cold, Black, and Hungry" and many other books. www.StephenEarleyJordan.com
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