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From One Writer to Another: I Wish I Would Have Known

Simply because something is published and makes great money, doesn’t mean it’s well written or written with purpose for today or tomorrow. Continue reading

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Slave Cemeteries: Finding Inspiration in Preservation

We reach a dead end at most attempts to research our history unlike our White counterparts who can claim their ancestor touched the Magna Carta, shook Shakespeare’s hand, or navigated a slave ship that took my ancestors to America or to any of the islands in the Caribbean. Blacks have to make up things and end up passing down lies from generation to generation. Continue reading

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The Sargasso Sea: On Being an Outsider

Friends know which buttons to press but they don’t press them. Importantly, genuine friends and loved ones don’t make others feel like an outsider simply because of their race, class, or gender. Continue reading

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My Life as a Writer

I used to think that to be a writer I needed to have an office space–a small, cramped space in the corner of a house with large enough windows for morning sunlight to bring life to my writing supplies; that … Continue reading

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An App For That: On Memories, Writing, Running and Trying to Get Away

The gym is the best time for me to brainstorm, especially when I’m on the treadmill. During this moment, I have the opportunity to separate myself from myself and the world around me. It’s my break from reality and the … Continue reading

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When I was a Cave Bear: Reflections of my Childhood and Writing

As children, we understand a lot of things that we just can’t truly grasp how to express verbally. And, by the time we realize what we can express, it’s nothing but a metaphor in a story. Continue reading

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