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The Thing in the Sky (1)

Sand stuck to skin from sweat. I kicked up grains of sand onto the backs of my legs and arms during 100- and 200-meter sprints. I exercised along the beach then repeated it, walking—a personal workout routine to build my … Continue reading

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Grown Past You. . .

Life is about change.  Years ago, I left a company that gave me security and started to work for myself again. Again. I forgot I’m aging. I forgot how daring I used to be and the older I get, I … Continue reading

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El Yunque Hike (revised)

I anticipated chimpanzeesrhythmically swinging from trees,belching intimidating grunts;I anticipated multicolored parrotsswooping over the canopy of treesas vigorous and refreshing rain massaged our bodies,keeping us composedand soon run for shelterunder oversized palm leaves.  El Yunque was still,and the sun mocked usas we hiked.“No one can … Continue reading

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