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Exiling Tribesmen Who Possess No Moral Compass

The important item is to understand where exactly you stand on issues and circle yourself with those individuals who will help promote your mental and spiritual well being, not try to damage it. . . Continue reading

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Identifying Poverty From Backwoods to Palm Trees

I had peers in high school who didn’t have money for food. Our school lunch program was almost unusually nonexistent. Many classmates begged for leftovers in the lunchroom with a sense of humility. Specifically, I recall classmates asking, “Are you going to eat that?” as they nodded their heads toward leftover pizza crust laying on a sheet of grease-stained wax pape Continue reading

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10 Lessons I’ve Learned During My 40 Years

  Only invite an exclusive group into your home/life.┬áNot everyone needs to know what you have. We work so hard that unless we built a substantial relationship years ago, it’s difficult to find friends of substance now. And that’s okay–It’s … Continue reading

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Where Has My Life Gone?

Struggles are necessary; struggles are real and individual; but one should not have to struggle just to live. Continue reading

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Grown Past You

Not everyone should be privileged to go on artistic journeys with you. Life is like that–some people get left behind who don’t share the same idea or passion. Continue reading

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A Reflection: Manufacturing Poetry

I knew I couldn’t do it. But I tried. I tried my damnedest too. April was considered to be National Poetry Writing Month with the goal of writing one poem per day. I couldn’t do this. During this past month … Continue reading

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Being Smart and Being Successful

There’s a time in our lives where we must take ownership of our success even if we are not where we truly want to be at the moment. But at that moment, I immediately realized that my success was based on proving other people wrong. Continue reading

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