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Author of "Beyond Bougie", "Cold, Black, and Hungry" and many other books.

Crumbling Blue (poetry + photography)

  I forgot how the day gives solace,  but the moon vows to haul us to that unspoken place– You crumbled blue to the base where weeds grew.  

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Panzer Man

New poem by Stephen Earley Jordan II 1/31/2017. Continue reading

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When the Snow Reflects the Sun

(“When the Snow Reflects the Sun”; 8×10; acrylic; by Stephen Earley Jordan II) When the snow reflects the sun, I follow your silhouette home. As we sit together around the hearth, You hand me a tattered quilt. It smells of … Continue reading

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Haiku and Artwork: Coal Mining

Coal accumulates
Mechanical black lung fails–
Save the industry! Continue reading

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Poem: I Saw Fire and Ice

My black-outs blinked bats / behind unmedicated styes. . . Continue reading

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Where Has My Life Gone?

Struggles are necessary; struggles are real and individual; but one should not have to struggle just to live. Continue reading

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Post-Election Thoughts: The hate that hate produced

We are a country that shames other countries for cutting off hands if you steal; but we give a 3-month jail sentence to a rapist. We are a country that considers religious headwraps as suppression of women, yet we praised a man’s behavior toward his gestures toward woman as “locker room talk”. Continue reading

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Grown Past You

Not everyone should be privileged to go on artistic journeys with you. Life is like that–some people get left behind who don’t share the same idea or passion. Continue reading

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Analyzing Becky With the Good Hair

“Oh, my, God. Becky, look at her butt. It is so big. She looks like one of those rap guys’ girlfriends. But, you know, who understands those rap guys? They only talk to her, because, she looks like a total … Continue reading

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A Reflection: Manufacturing Poetry

I knew I couldn’t do it. But I tried. I tried my damnedest too. April was considered to be National Poetry Writing Month with the goal of writing one poem per day. I couldn’t do this. During this past month … Continue reading

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