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Haiku and Artwork: Coal Mining

Coal accumulates
Mechanical black lung fails–
Save the industry! Continue reading

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Poem: I Saw Fire and Ice

My black-outs blinked bats / behind unmedicated styes. . . Continue reading

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A Reflection: Manufacturing Poetry

I knew I couldn’t do it. But I tried. I tried my damnedest too. April was considered to be National Poetry Writing Month with the goal of writing one poem per day. I couldn’t do this. During this past month … Continue reading

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Cumulonimbus (18 of 30)

(dedicated to Prince Roger Nelson) I could give 23 reasons why I long for one-night stands and the purple sky exonerates as the world is malevolent, scattering a dandelion far-off from the ground in which it grew, latching onto soil and rooftops, hope and inspiration; … Continue reading

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Personal Space (17 of 30)

The forest conceals truths. The canopy blocks sun from intruding personal space; and the air from freedom. I soak with sweat stinging my sliced arms from razor grass. My Army Navy Surplus canteen is almost empty but I continue along trails and off trails and … Continue reading

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Muerto (16 of 30)

(SIDEBAR: Yes, I fell behind with writing one per day. . . ) The water is a Swarovski, and intolerably exquisite. I choose not to touch it. I’d rather watch it. I’d rather sit close to it, feel the spritz of it on … Continue reading

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A Night Out [I and II] (14/15 of 30)

I. Dance beats, pour some rhythm down my throat, Intoxicate my mind with forbidden melodies that gyrate remedies for my loneliness that never leaves and I’m left thinking of you and I loved you– We masturbated with opposite hands like … Continue reading

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