Crumbled Up (poem and photography)

Crumbled Up by Stephen Earley Jordan II

My sky crumbled up,
taking the last breath
from my parasitic twin.

Silence twisted.
Still I grieve you.



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King of Shame (poetry + photography)

“King of Shame” photo by Stephen Earley Jordan II


The King of Shame takes a bow,
contempts his whores
as nighttime cash-cows.

They think he cares, but he abhors
those he lays at the seashore

on a foul mattress with distressing springs
left with a scent and a one-night fling.

They will return
to the loneliness and yearn.

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Crumbling Blue (poetry + photography)

“Crumbling Blue” foto by Stephen Earley Jordan II


I forgot how
the day gives solace, 
but the moon vows
to haul us
to that unspoken place–
You crumbled blue
to the base
where weeds grew.


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Panzer Man

Panzer man infiltrates and his Budeswehr follows–
Lemmings, in formation and arms at 45° angles.
This mustn’t be Aryan soil tomorrow
With hopes, dreams, and green cards strangled.
This is not the land you knew
Howbeit your ancestors left word it’d be true.
Sieg Heil, Freedom
and Greatness that will exceed him.


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When the Snow Reflects the Sun

When the snow reflects the sun

(“When the Snow Reflects the Sun”; 8×10; acrylic; by Stephen Earley Jordan II)

When the snow reflects the sun,
I follow your silhouette home.
As we sit together around the hearth,
You hand me a tattered quilt.
It smells of lavender and cinnamon and childhood.
You pour me a Louis XIII Cognac and
the sips are as sweet as you
and your touches.
And for that one moment, I am full.


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Haiku and Artwork: Coal Mining

Coal Mining by Stephen Earley Jordan

(“Coal Mining”; Acrylic on canvas; 8×10; Stephen Earley Jordan II)

Coal accumulates
Mechanical black lung fails–
Save the industry!

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Poem: I Saw Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

(Artwork 8×10, “I saw fire and ice”; acrylic; Stephen Earley Jordan II)

I saw fire in your icy eyes;
My black-outs blinked bats
behind unmedicated styes
warranted unsolicited lies
made of a disguise of gold.
Justice never prevails
when a receptacle molds
you to feign the enjoyment of Hell.


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